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Australian Gemini Astronomy Contest: 2014

Gemini Image Contest 2014
Teachers and Astronomy Clubs: Please feel free to download and distribute the above poster!

We are again pleased to offer contests in two separate divisions: The entry deadline for BOTH contests is 10 May 2014.

Follow the links above for the details of each contest!

Contact Info

For further inquiries, please contact Dr. Richard McDermid by e-mail at, or by phone on (02) 9850 4476.

The Gemini Observatory

Named for the constellation of Gemini, "the twins", the Gemini Observatory consists of a pair of telescopes. One of these is located atop Cerro Pachon in the Andes Mountains of Chile; the other is on top of Mauna Kea in Hawai'i. At 8-metres in diameter, the Gemini telescopes are among the largest optical telescopes in the world, and are the premier facilities to which the entire Australian astronomical community has access. The particular instrument used in the contest is GMOS, the Gemini Mulit-Object Spectrograph, which provides the ability both to take fantastic images and to study the spectra of several hundred objects at a time. Each of the Gemini telescopes has a copy of the GMOS instrument, and they are the most heavily used instruments in Gemini's toolbox. For more information about Gemini, visit the Gemini Observatory website, see the Gemini FAQ, or go to the home page of the Australian Gemini Office.

Contest Organisers

The Australian Gemini Office
in conjunction with
Dr. Christopher Onken (ANU)
Dr. Terry Bridges (Queen's University, Canada)
Mr. Robert Hollow (CSIRO/ATNF)
Ms. Helen Sim (CSIRO/ATNF)
Prof. Travis Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage, USA)
Australian Gemini Office, ausgo -@-