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Welcome to the home page of the International Telescopes Support Office

The International Telescopes Support Office (ITSO, formerly the Australian Gemini Office or AusGO) hosted by the Australian Astronomical Observatory coordinates Australian usage of large offshore facilities including the Gemini 8.1 metre telescopes in Hawaii and Chile; the Keck 10 metre and Subaru 8.2 metre telescope in Hawaii (via a time exchange agreement with Gemini); and the Magellan 6.5 metre telescopes in Chile. ITSO is comprised of the Head of International Telescopes Support (Stuart Ryder) and Research Fellow Caroline Foster based at the AAO, and Joint AAO/Macquarie University Lecturer in Astronomy Richard McDermid.

What's new on the ITSO and Gemini web sites?

A new and improved Gemini Science Archive is now available (26/11/15)

Final reports for the 4 Gemini Instrument Feasibility Studies are now available (23/11/15)

Gemini e-newscast #77 is now available (16/11/15)

The reports from the June 2015 meeting of the Users Committee for Gemini; the Oct 2015 meeting of the Gemini Science & Technology Advisory Committee; and the Nov 2015 meeting of the Gemini Board are now available (9/11/15)

The AAL Annual Report for 2014/15 is now available (26/10/15)

The October 2015 issue of GeminiFocus is now available (2/10/15)

The Winning Image from our 2013 Student Contest!

Image credit: Isobelle Teljega (St Margaret's Anglican School), Travis Rector (U. Alaska Anchorage), and the Australian Gemini Office

The face-on spiral galaxy IC5332.
Image proposed by Year 8 student Isobelle Teljega.

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